Slowpitch is a game for everyone…. Men and Women Young and Old Beginners and Ex Pros Everyone can enjoy themselves in a family atmosphere on the Spenadlwiese playing slowpitch. Slowpitch is a sport that was consived as an easier alternative to baseball. It has all of the same situations and needs all of the same skills as baseball but is played on a smaller field, is easier to master and is geared towards FUN! The Vienna Wanderers organize 2 seperate leagues (Spring, Fall) and usually 2 slowpitch tournaments per year at Spenadlwiese.



We offer a spring league (April – June) and a fall league (mid August – October) on weekdays. Gametimes are set at 7pm an 8:30pm.
The leagues are open to teams, however there is usually an opportunity for individuals to jump onto a team.

->Slowpitch League - Standing



Typically in July we offer a one day tournament that is open for individuals to register. For this tournament all players are ranked, put into a pool and drafted onto a team – a great way to meet new people and compete against your friends. In August we try to organise a big weekend tournament that has included teams from all over Austria as well as Europe. 


Champions Board

2023 Fall Champion: UB Rac

2023 Spring Champion: Grasshoppers

2022 Fall Champion: Wet Sox

2022 Spring Champion: Wet Sox

2021 Fall Champion: Wet Sox

2021 Spring Champion: Royal Monkeys

2020 Fall Champion: Wet Sox

2020 Summer Champion: Vienna Brewers

2019 Fall Champion: Wet Sox

2019 Spring Champion: Wet Sox

2018 Fall Champion: I'd Hit That

2018 Spring Champion: Royal Monkeys

2017 Fall Champion: Wet Sox

2017 Spring Champion: Wet Sox

2016 Fall Champion: Wet Sox

2016 Spring Champion: Wet Sox